Where Art Meets Function

Where Art Meets Function

Where Art Meets FunctionWhere Art Meets FunctionWhere Art Meets Function

Adding style and art to your everyday devices

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Liz Fenwick from Liz Fenwick DIY tells us all about Glamsocket's new designs !

Glamsockets in Action with Michelle from Dezinefun


Glamsockets with Liz Fenwick DIY

Glamsockets Decorative wall mount and electrical outlet

Tired of looking at bland wall mount chargers?

Glamsockets provides a quality functional alternative to so many wall mount surge protectors that are just visually unappealing. Dress up your office areas, kitchen countertops and bedroom side table walls with our stylishly decorated themed products. From sophisticated interior design patterns to art driven and whimsical themes, your space will light up with whatever look you desire. When you walk by that same space each time you will have a pleasant visual surprise that matches the theme of your room.

Turn your wall socket spaces and mobile devices charging areas into distinctive art and decor statements.


Elevate your decor

Glam up your bedroom with one of our sophisticated home decor damask patterns and enjoy the convenience of charging your phone and devices at your bedside with our innovative, high quality wall mount charging stations.


We value quality and style

Mac and Paco is committed to bringing you value and quality through its collection of functional products featuring creative and stylish finishes. We are all about providing quality products with a focus on design and style. 

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